Monday, February 14, 2011


This one is unbelievable; maybe I am being too generous in saying she is calling for parents to 'mislead' instead of using the word 'lie" to their children.  How would a parent like it if their child was late and said he got a flat tire on his bike when really he just let the air out of his tire so he could spend more time with friends.  Parents:  her suggestions here are immoral and encourage untrust between parent and child.  Secondly, I cannot believe our government is ADVERTISING for their programs - I have seen them all over my local television stations -health care, etc.....calling them "PSA's" (Public Service Announcement's).  I call them DDS's (Dumbing Down Society) paid for by the American people.

Michelle Obama said the following 3 days ago on an interview with Tom Joyner:

"The PSAs we launched this week provide some really cute tips for parents.  And they're going to start airing on 33,000 media outlets over the next several weeks, and they're going to continue for several months.  But they give parents some cute tips, like turn off the power in your house. Not that everybody can do that, but that's just one of the commercials. And the kids are like, oh, we can’t play our video games. And then they decide to go outside and play.

And another ad - the mom makes the kid go up and down the stairs several times looking for her purse which she knows where it is - (Laughter) and just making her go up and down and up and down the stairs a few times before she gives her the dollar she’s looking for.

So we have to be creative as parents, particularly in the African-American communities where we don't have sports leagues. We don't have - it’s not safe to play outside sometimes because our neighborhoods - we don't have the kind of safety net that we need, so we have to start sharing with each other tips because there are communities all over the country that are running into these issues. And we, as parents, have to get creative because the option of just letting our kids sit is significantly affecting their health in a negative way. So we are born to move."

Her statements here are absurd!

'They will stop playing their video games and go outside' - well someone had to buy them the video game instead of the sport uniform - much easier than taking them to the practices and games - PARENTS FAULT!

And surely children that sit in front of the TV will see the PSA's!

Michelle, this would have been my message:

If you are a parent or guardian, get involved with your children in activities:  Boy and Girl scouts, Church activities and athletics are available for all.  Get outside and play with your children - mine love to play ball outside with us - whether the back yard, front yard or in the street we are there with them playing together.  Take them to a neighborhood park and let them run around and play on the slides, swings, etc.; when a parent is with them you don't have to worry about them.  And children, ask your parents to come outside with you to play or to enroll you in the YMCA sports programs!


I attended another funeral for one of our Greatest Generation.  A 95 year-old of those who fought through World War II, endured the Great Depression and contributed to this great country to make the United States of America a great nation. 

We are the next generation.  What do we want this country to look like?  We are in a situation which is similar to that which the Greatest Generation of our time faced.  They believed in this great country and its founding principles.  They worked hard to make money to support their families; whatever it took.  I remember my own mother from this generation saying that they were so poor at one point that they would have qualified for "food stamps" but they didn't partake in that - that generation worked to overcome hardships.

President Clinton, of the "me generation" (no offense to those of you from that generation) has said that 'one of their biggest mistakes was sending food to countries and it only lasts for a short amount of time.  They should have taught the people of those countries how to grow crops, and produce milk, etc'  This concept seems so basic:  Give a man a fish and he will eat for day, teach a man to fish and he eats forever.   President Kennedy famously said, "Ask not what what your country can to do for you but what you can do for your country."  Today, we have even more government assistance programs from all areas - with people with their hands out.  This is making us a nation where people don't want to contribute and make money for themselves.  There are government programs for for free food, help for home payments, help for cell phones, etc.

The Greatest Generation brought us a nation of people who freely donated to help those less fortunate than themselves.  Today the government is taking from us to provide the services that once were donations from a caring generation.  Innovation and eutropeaurialship made this country stronger than any other country on earth in only over 200 years.  The greatest generation tried to leave these traditions (and constitution) for our generation, their grandchildren and great grandchildren just as the generations before them did.  We must refuse this governmental take over our country for entitlement programs if we want to feel proud of our own accompishments and the good feeling we get from donating to those less fortunate (used to be called charities but now they are referred to by the government as "non-governmental organizations or NGO's").  They want to take from and us and redistribute as they see fit instead of the system of charitible giving that has worked so well for us until this point.