Thursday, November 1, 2012


The "Polls" want you want you to believe that Obama is ahead of challenger Governor Mitt Romney.  If this is true we all better get out to vote - I don't care whether you are in a red state like Texas or a blue state...each is equally important to let them know we do not want a socialist government.  We all want to work and control our own destiny.   I have to meet a budget every month but the Obama government thinks they can just borrow and spend our money and take over private businesses to make this work better.  That is socialism.

Have you noticed the absence of many of the socialist democrats in last weeks?  That is why Obama didn't show up in the first debate.  He knows our country doesn't want socialism.  If you believe in what has worked for the last 200 years to make the U.S. the envy all all nations - we need your help - please vote against Obama.

They are advertising that women won't have control of their health care decisions if ObamaCare is repealed - are you kidding me?  We have control now!  Once ObamaCare is fully implemented only Government will decide on your health care!

Obama took over my son's private bank financed student loans and then said  the interest rates on student loans was going to increase unless the government interviewed.   Do you have a problem understanding this?  The loans were working fine at a fixed rate until the government took them over!!!!

I voted as soon as I could against Obama.  Please do the same.   I'm not racist and you are not either for voting against Socialism.