Thursday, November 1, 2012


The "Polls" want you want you to believe that Obama is ahead of challenger Governor Mitt Romney.  If this is true we all better get out to vote - I don't care whether you are in a red state like Texas or a blue state...each is equally important to let them know we do not want a socialist government.  We all want to work and control our own destiny.   I have to meet a budget every month but the Obama government thinks they can just borrow and spend our money and take over private businesses to make this work better.  That is socialism.

Have you noticed the absence of many of the socialist democrats in last weeks?  That is why Obama didn't show up in the first debate.  He knows our country doesn't want socialism.  If you believe in what has worked for the last 200 years to make the U.S. the envy all all nations - we need your help - please vote against Obama.

They are advertising that women won't have control of their health care decisions if ObamaCare is repealed - are you kidding me?  We have control now!  Once ObamaCare is fully implemented only Government will decide on your health care!

Obama took over my son's private bank financed student loans and then said  the interest rates on student loans was going to increase unless the government interviewed.   Do you have a problem understanding this?  The loans were working fine at a fixed rate until the government took them over!!!!

I voted as soon as I could against Obama.  Please do the same.   I'm not racist and you are not either for voting against Socialism. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


The Obama policies are coming home to roost:  The Obama Administration made a deal to get the debt limit raised last year so they could keep spending and Republicans agreed only if spending cuts would occur as part of the Budget Control Act of 2011.   Sequestration was developed as part of this act, which raised the federal debt ceiling and promised to cut budget deficits by at least $2.1 trillion from 2012 to 2021. If the cuts weren't enacted, sequestration would automatically kick in, resulting in $1.2 trillion in mandatory cuts. Of that $1.2 trillion, $500 billion in cuts would apply to the military.

The Obama administration is asking companies affected by the military sequestration cuts to hold off issuing layoff notices as required by law.
Under the requirements of the WARN Act, private-sector employers with 100 or more full-time employees are expected to give workers at least 60 days notice of layoffs. Without warnings, employees can sue. That 60-day limit will hit many companies right before the November election.
The sequestration cuts to the military budget could push unemployment back above 9 percent.  The Office of Management and Budget told contractors that if they do not issue the layoff warnings, then contractors will be compensated for legal costs if layoffs occur due to sequestration. The legal fees will be covered regardless of the outcome of the litigation, the White House memo said.  Lockheed Martin and the U.S. arm of Britain's BAE Systems announced they would not issue WARN Act notices after the White House released its additional guidance.
This delay in warning notices to employees because of political reasons is unfair to the workers not to mention the cost to the taxpayers  Senators. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa and Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, sent a letter requesting more information from the White House about the new guidance, saying it could cost taxpayers billions.
"What the administration has done raises serious questions," Grassley said. "In our letter of inquiry, we're asking what authority the administration is using to say it is okay to disregard the law and commit to pay for monetary judgments and other expenses resulting from lawsuits. If workers aren't given the notice they're due, the cost could amount to billions of dollars for taxpayers. The public deserves answers and accountability without delay."

Thursday, September 13, 2012


On Tuesday September 11, 2012 as we remembered 9-11, I could not believe what I was watching unfold in the attacks on our embassy oversees in Egypt.  (I am a dedicated watcher of news - it is always on - I don't watch the latest American Idol and newest reality shows.)  After hearing this news about the breach in Egypt, I couldn't believe we released an apology for a stupid film that an individual made which the opposition said caused this uprising.  Are you kidding me?  Anti-Americanism - In my opinion, those in the Middle East saw Obama snub of Israel's Prime Minister as a way to test our resolve.  These were planned in advance and the Muslims used the 9-11 anniversary as a way to get normal middle eastern people to up rise - the protesters said "We are all Osama Bin Laden"  After the Libya killings of four of our American diplomats including our Ambassador to Libya the "Don't criticize Ala or we will KILL..."

I went to work this next day and couldn't listen to news but I tuned in to the news on the way home expecting to hear something from our President.  The news was all about Mitt Romney and his statement condemning the statement about our apology.   I COULDN'T BELIEVE WHAT I WAS HEARING.  What had happened?

This world is screwed...our media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney saying we shouldn't have apologized instead of the fact that we did? 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


There is a tea pot brewing and it is going to boil over Tuesday November 6, 2012 to take this country back.

The Tea Party win yesterday in Texas was very significant.  Although you wouldn't know it from listening to the national media or the Democrats as they try to spin it as a split in the Republican party.  We are going to take this country back from all these spending, taxing, government-controlling Washington Representatives -whether Democrat or Republican.  The Los Angeles Times reported today that Washington Senator Patty Murray, the chairman of the Democratic party senate campaign efforts says “Mitch McConnell (Republican Senate minority leader) is now going to potentially have a much more tea party-oriented caucus. And we have all seen the damage that has done to our ability to govern, to find compromise and to move this county forward in a positive direction. So I think it’s more of their problem than ours.”

I couldn't disagree with her more.  Between the big Texas win yesterday and the overwhelming support for Chick-fil-A today, I know the Democrats and Obama are shaking in their shoes. The first President to come out in support for gay marriage suddenly (and he controls legislation as we all know - he didn't run in 2008 with this view).  Then people wanting to boycott Chick-fil-A because of the owners comment that he believes in the traditional, biblical definition of marriage -one man and one woman - and 3 Democrat Mayors said Chick-fil-A wasn't welcome in their cities because of the Chick-fil-A owners comments.  Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister, declared it national "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" today.  The turnout is overwhelming all over the country...we are standing up for freedom of speech and traditional marriage - not being anti-gay.

Look out Obama, Democrats and establishment Republicans - the tea pot is boiling over and we are going to move forward in a positive direction following the Constitution in 2013 and get you out of our lives!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Obama says "they want to cut teachers and firefighters." That is so misleading and ignorant. But Obama has to take the most useful local level jobs as an example of cutting. The federal government doesn't have any control over teachers and firefighters.

Teachers: On the Department of Education website under "What is NOT part of the Dept of Education's role," it is stated that the Federal Government has no control over the personnel of any educational institution. "These are responsibilities handled by the various states and districts as well as by public and private organizations of all kinds, not by the U.S. Department of Education."

Firefighters: From the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics
Mar 29, 2012 ... About 91 percent of paid firefighters worked for local governments in 2010. Most of the remainder worked for state or federal governments.

What the President does have control of is the size of the huge Washington bureaucracies and how much money the Government spends. We all know there is waste in the Federal Agencies that needs to be cut. I remember when President Clinton came in office, they did a photo-op showing him and Vice President Gore going through and tossing out waste in the Federal Government. It was only symbolic but at least he acknowledged the waste. President Obama increased department budgets and we have seen wasteful spending like never before in the last 3 years. The General Services Administration should be abolished. This is the Federal department which "serves a vital role in President Obama’s agenda to build a more sustainable, responsible and effective government for the American people." The GSA's lavish conference in Las Vegas fully-paid for by American taxpayers should be reason enough to fire everyone in the department and abolish it forever. But did Obama do anything about this? They probably got bonuses for their wreckless spending. In the first two years of Obama's administration, they increased their limosine fleet by 73%!  And remember the 2.2 million spent on a new pair of buses for Obama to reach out to the people in the heartland. And what about the new 32 Czars Obama hired with taxpayer dollars-cut them! The administration has spent taxpayer dollars on the largest radio and television advertisements for government programs I have ever seen (food stamps and ObamaCare mostly) and our children will have to pay for all this and for Obama's lavish vacations for his family (many overseas). It is all enough to turn your stomach...and he says "they want to cut teachers and firefighters."

And while I’m on the subject, what about outsourcing?  He’s trying to paint Romney as an outsourcer while at a private company when this administration gave/loaned Brazil 2 million dollars to drill for oil offshore when he bans drilling here by private companies!  TALK ABOUT OUTSOURCING!

Friday, July 13, 2012


We have Obama administration officials and Democrats saying this tax/penalty/mandate from ObamaCare will only affect about 1% of the population that don't want to purchase health insurance. What about the 50 million people we were told did not have health insurance during the health care debate?  Well the Government is hiring 16,000 IRS agents to collect over ONE TRILLION dollars from American taxpayers according to the Congressional Budget Office. That means even if you don't want or don't have health insurance you will pay for coverage to the IRS. The Supreme Court twisted the law to say this is a tax and that congress has the right to tax the American people. They will decide that if you have a job, you can pay and your employer can pay. This should pose a significant burden on much of the working lower and middle class and businesses. So the 1% figure being touted is a bunch of bull.

Well, well. well. So today, the President will be letting some people leave the work force. How convenient. Have you heard this one? As of today, the Department of Health and Human Services released a policy directive rewriting the Welfare Reform Act of 1996. The new policy waives the federal work requirement for able-bodied Americans to actively seek employment in able to receive Welfare. The Welfare rolls dropped from 12.2 million in 1996 to 4.5 million today. So as these people stay on welfare indefinitely, taxpayers will now be paying for their health insurance too!

Let's EXPAND Welfare and CREATE Another Program (ObamaCare) while we are going bankrupt and have a downgraded credit rating for the first time in American history. What an idiot! What a Socialist!  What an Imperialist!

Oh, maybe Obama can artificially reduce the unemployment rate with this move?   Typical socialism - they take some who really don't want to work out of the work force, put them on welfare and it opens up some jobs for others...just in time for the election.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Oh my God, this country is in so much trouble.  I didn't even have words to describe what happened with the Supreme Court decision to upold Obama Care yesterday.   All I wanted to say is one word - NOVEMBER

Except, get people fired up and get these stupid Democrats out of office.  David Alexrod (Obama campaign manager) said today today that the "health care pentaly would only affect 1% of citizens that could afford healthcare but choose not to buy it."  OMG!  We have been lied to and here is another one.  How stupid does he think we are?

I  DON'T KNOW IF WE CAN WAIT FOR NOVEMBER!  The stupid friggin congress voted for a stupid highway SPEINDING BILL today to get friggin STUDENT LOANS from increasing -  which the friggin stupid OBAMA DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT TOOK OVER 2 FRIGGIN YEARS AGO  from private lending instutions SO THEY COULD MAKE A FRIGGIN ELECTION YEAR campaign issue!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I feel like I am watching re-runs of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal as supporters of President Obama run from one television microphone to another trying to defend Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder and make the Congressional panel investigating the Fast and Furious Gun Running Operation look like the evil Ken Starr.  Supporters talking points:  The congressional panel is attacking Holder 'because of his skin color', the questions are "very pointed", this is all to make Obama look bad in a presidental election year, and of course "this was started under President Bush"...and on and on.

After the death of border patrol agent Brian Terry on December 15, 2010, a reporter asked President Obama about the "Fast and Furious" operation in which Obama said he first heard about it on the news. In a letter dated February 4, 2011 Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder denied the existance of Fast and Furious.  Later he claimed it was a local office operation. But later, during the congressional investigation and under oath, he said that it was an operation which started under President Bush which he later "retracted" under oath when documents showed that the Wide Receiver operation in which he was refering to, had been shut down in 2007.

Now, after a year and a half of congressional investigation, President Obama invoked Executive Priveledge to withhold information from Congress in the "Fast and Furious" gun running scandal. ABC news reported 'Obama doesn't want congress to be able to snoop around in their email'.  What happened to "We're the most transparent and ethical administration in U.S. history." - Obama, January 23, 2010.

Sarah Brady who became an avid proponent of gun control after the assasination attempt on President Reagan paralyzed her huband, James Brady, told the Washington Post in a story in their Style Section published April 11, 2011 that President Obama told her he was 'working on gun control under the radar'.

As far back as 1995, Eric Holder, said "We must brainwash people against guns."

President Obama invoked Executive Privelege in the investigation into the death of a border patrol agent.  I invoke the question, "What are they trying to hide behind Executive Privelege?"  I guess they're putting aluminum foil on the transparency on this one.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



President Obama said 'the war in Iraq was successfully over which removed the evil dictator Saddam Husein who for over a decade racked havit on his people and our nation'. (We listened to him and all the Democrats condemn this war since its inception.)  I guess he didn't send out his talking points to all his democrat talking heads who continue to say that the war in Iraq was the worst mistake in US history  (Ariana Huffington on CNN last Sunday).   Obama wants to keep taking more money for people to pay for government projects (except for the military that has been successful).  He says we all want a smarter, smaller government.

Who does he think he fooling?

Obama's only budget since he has been President:

Percentages in parenthesis show increase or decrease from the Bush Administration budget of 2009 (also WAY TOO MUCH SPENDING!)

  • Discretionary spending: $1.368 trillion (+13.1%)
    • $663.7 billion (+12.7%) – Department of Defense (including Overseas Contingency Operations)
    • $78.7 billion (−1.7%) – Department of Health and Human Services
    • $72.5 billion (+2.8%) – Department of Transportation
    • $52.5 billion (+10.3%) – Department of Veterans Affairs
    • $51.7 billion (+40.9%) – Department of State and Other International Programs
    • $47.5 billion (+18.5%) – Department of Housing and Urban Development
    • $46.7 billion (+12.8%) – Department of Education
    • $42.7 billion (+1.2%) – Department of Homeland Security
    • $26.3 billion (−0.4%) – Department of Energy
    • $26.0 billion (+8.8%) – Department of Agriculture
    • $23.9 billion (−6.3%) – Department of Justice
    • $18.7 billion (+5.1%) – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    • $13.8 billion (+48.4%) – Department of Commerce
    • $13.3 billion (+4.7%) – Department of Labor
    • $13.3 billion (+4.7%) – Department of the Treasury
    • $12.0 billion (+6.2%) – Department of the Interior
    • $10.5 billion (+34.6%) – Environmental Protection Agency
    • $9.7 billion (+10.2%) – Social Security Administration
    • $7.0 billion (+1.4%) – National Science Foundation
    • $5.1 billion (−3.8%) – Corps of Engineers
    • $5.0 billion (+100%) – National Infrastructure Bank
    • $1.1 billion (+22.2%) – Corporation for National and Community Service
    • $0.7 billion (0.0%) – Small Business Administration
    • $0.6 billion (−14.3%) – General Services Administration
    • $19.8 billion (+3.7%) – Other Agencies
    • $105 billion – Other

Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey
Original Data Value
Series Id:LNS14000000
Seasonally Adjusted
Series title:(Seas) Unemployment Rate
Labor force status:Unemployment rate
Type of data:Percent or rate
Age:16 years and over
Years:2001 to 2011

I can't believe what I heard tonight. God help us in the next election.