Thursday, September 13, 2012


On Tuesday September 11, 2012 as we remembered 9-11, I could not believe what I was watching unfold in the attacks on our embassy oversees in Egypt.  (I am a dedicated watcher of news - it is always on - I don't watch the latest American Idol and newest reality shows.)  After hearing this news about the breach in Egypt, I couldn't believe we released an apology for a stupid film that an individual made which the opposition said caused this uprising.  Are you kidding me?  Anti-Americanism - In my opinion, those in the Middle East saw Obama snub of Israel's Prime Minister as a way to test our resolve.  These were planned in advance and the Muslims used the 9-11 anniversary as a way to get normal middle eastern people to up rise - the protesters said "We are all Osama Bin Laden"  After the Libya killings of four of our American diplomats including our Ambassador to Libya the "Don't criticize Ala or we will KILL..."

I went to work this next day and couldn't listen to news but I tuned in to the news on the way home expecting to hear something from our President.  The news was all about Mitt Romney and his statement condemning the statement about our apology.   I COULDN'T BELIEVE WHAT I WAS HEARING.  What had happened?

This world is screwed...our media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney saying we shouldn't have apologized instead of the fact that we did? 

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