Monday, January 17, 2011


As I watched the Memorial Service for those that died in Tuscan, Arizona, I became even more upset at the politic ism of the death of others. The Memorial Service which the President of The United States decided to attend was at a college campus, not a church where a proper Memorial Service should be held (such as the church service after September 11, 2001 where preachers of different faiths tried to heal and comfort a nation).  Instead we got an inappropriate pep-rally by a cheering college crowd over the death and injuries caused by a mentally-ill person  Call me old-fashioned, but the President could have held a proper Memorial Service at a proper place where cheering, yelling and standing ovations would not have prevailed.  From the very beginning, the attendees received a t-shirt which stated, "Together We Thrive."   Instead of hearing from a comforting preacher we heard from a man who said 'I am a Mexican (cheering!) with Indian heritage trying to get an education (cheering!)'.  He said let's work toward harmony and balance.  "Oh Creator" was repeated over and over again in his speech with cheering from the crowd.   The president of the university spoke and said "Will this make us a more caring world?" and "Fortunately we have great leadership to help us with this tonight."  He continued "They tried to silence our voices, but we won't be silenced..."    "Out of Many One...we all became Arizonans, we all became Americans."     Became Americans?  We had our Homeland Security Secretary and our U.S. Attorney General speak.  It was very political.

When the Republican Arizona Governor (whom the Obama administration is suing over their illegal-immigration law) spoke and said "we also lost Christina Taylor Green" the crowd exploded into a huge applause.  Is it just me, or was that just not the right time to cheer and applaud for a dead 9-year old girl?
Am I the only one that believes that all of this was set up to make the President's speech look civil?  His speech was civil in comparison to what we had heard from the speakers before him at this Memorial Service or from the national media for nearly week prior to the President's speech at the Memorial Service.

That being said, The President of the United States, said 'our discourse is so polarized that we too easily lay the blame on those that think differently than we do'.  Who is he talking to with this statement: - "than we do"?  Is he acknowledging that this is a liberal audience of his piers when it was suppose to be a Memorial Service for those lost.  Was he chastising the liberal media?  I don't think so.   The Arizona sheriff, the national media and Democrats had laid the blame for this shooting all week on the rhetoric from the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Fox News and in general "talk radio" without The President saying a word to stop it.

The ironic thing is that today's politics had nothing to do with this insane mad-man.  He had this planned since 2007.  However, watching the sheriff and media it was as though they had been waiting on a incident such as this to blast the Tea Party, etc.

Today on the Sunday talk shows, the national media interviewed Democrats who tried to act civil for a change.  The liberal media inquired "what is going to happen with this 'new tone in Washington'.  It is a political stunt to make it look like the political discourse did have something to do with the shootings.  This call for civility is in direct response as they were unable to tie the cause of the shootings to the Tea Party, Palin, Limbaugh, Beck and Fox News.  And in the aftermath, we must all now act civilly.  Of course, Fox News Sunday must not have got the message as they went ahead with normal programing instead of the love fest the other national Sunday programs had with the Democrats.

After the do-nothing stimulus, Cambridge police acted stupidly, take-over of auto companies, we have to pass the Health care bill so we can find out what is in it (which drove up the cost of health care and health insurance), we have our boot on the throat of BP, and a moratorium and new regulations on oil drilling which is driving up the cost of energy,  I think the 2012 election campaigning has begun with We Need Civility after nearly a decade of bush-bashing and culminating in the most vicious week of incivility by an Arizona sheriff, the national media, Democrats and a Memorial Service where cheering, standing ovations and politics replaced a dignified service for those that were lost at the hands of a mad-man.  Shame on you, President Obama.

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