Monday, March 28, 2011


How do you like this hope and change?   Change is that an American President commits American forces into a war with another Muslim country without addressing the American people at the onset.  In his speech tonight to finally address the American people after 9 days into this new war, he said he made a statement that the Libyian dictator, Gaddafi must go over 3 weeks ago and then Gaddafii started cutting off water to his people and killing his people.   Obama does not realize the power of American words, intervention and power.   Hello, Obama - you said Gaddafi must go doesn't make it so.  And a no-fly zone really didn't do anything.  They were not shooting their people from planes but from ground troops!  Now what?  Vice President Biden came out before the President's speech tonight with a smile from ear to ear and did a dance in front of an audience of our military - an audience instead of an address from the oval office to the American people?  I think we have amatures in the White House.  Former defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said over the weekend that now that we are involved and there in Lybia, the worse case is that Gaddafi doesn't go and then he becomes another Saddam Hussein as in Iraq bragging that he is still in power and defeated the super power USA (first President Bush, Margret Thacher, etc).

After President Obama's speech tonight, MSNBC went on a tangent to attack the remarks from Newt Gingrinch and others at a Republican event this weekend instead of analyzing this speech by President Obama. That is strange and I guess they haven't figured out how to defend Obama yet.

I guess the White House will be asking for us to forward e-mails in opposition to their policy to them like he did over the opposition to his health care policy.  Did you hear last week they have assigned the former Press Secretary to monitor the internet?

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