Thursday, June 23, 2011


You know what I like about Donald Trump?  He doesn't accept the premise that Obama puts forth and the national media follows.   He challenged Obama that he was born in Hawaii and took the challenge to the media and to Obama until Obama gave in.  Where is a candidate to bring this kind of passion to the more important issues by bringing them to the forefront?  Why is it that we must accept the premise of statements made by Obama which are regurgitated by the media?

Obama and the media say over and over, Obama "inherited this mess."  I have listened to Republicans agree with this statement.  Where is someone to stand up and say that is a bunch of Obama Bull!  Unemployment was in the 6 percent range in the October BEFORE OBAMA WAS ELECTED!  Employment went into a free fall AFTER HE WAS ELECTED; it was his promise to raise the taxes on small businesses and the job creators in this country that sent it into a free fall!

Obama blamed Bush, Republican policies and greedy banks for the Mortgage crisis and the media happily regurgitated it.  Where is someone to stand up and say that WAS a lie!  Now we know the sub-prime mortgage crisis was due to liberal policies of intervention into mortgage lending, setting goals with lavish bonuses for Fannie and Freddie for providing mortgages to those with bad credit scores. Due to President Clinton's 1992 Affordable Housing Act, banks were forced to lend to people they wouldn't otherwise lend to.

And these are the liberal democrats during Bush's Presidency defending these policies when the Republicans were holding hearings to warn of an impending mortgage crisis; the liberal line:  all was fine and Fannie and Freddie are "meeting their goals" (remember the liberal goal is to force banks to give mortgages to those that would not otherwise qualify).  You will even hear Liberal Democrat Maxine Waters referring to President Clinton's bill here, and President Clinton himself admitting (in his usual way) fault of "democrats":

And this was we got:  more government intervention:

We were told by Obama that we must pass ObamaCare in order to bring an end to the recession. Obama said health insurance costs were too high and if we didn't pass this bill now they would continue to rise. Obama said this bill would drop insurance premiums an average of $2500. The media happily regurgitated this and both mocked the people screaming against this bill.  Well guess what, unemployment skyrocketed to over 10% after the passage of this bill and every one's health insurance went up!  More Obama-Bull!  Well, I won't be so nice on this one, it was a LIE.  Where is that someone to stand up and take it to Obama!

We were told by Obama that we must pass a stimulus of almost a trillion dollars or unemployment would rise over 8 percent.  Obama now laughs about its failure.  Who will stand up and give him hell on this issue?

Who has the guts to cut the bloated Federal Government spending?   It won't be Obama.  We need a fiscal conservative to stand up and  run the federal budget like we all have to run our family budgets; we can't spend more than we take in.  Bush started this excess spending and Obama has almost tripled the concept of spending without cutting.  Shame on all of you that proposed and passed these budgets.  And don't fall for the premise that you have to cut Social Security and Medicare to do this!!!  Don't buy into the bull that your firefighters, police and teachers will need to be cut.  That is a liberal ploy (Obama and media) to scare.  There is so much waste in the government it could be cut tomorrow and no one would even notice (Shrimp on Treadmills, Government Limos, duplication between agencies, fraud, mandated goals and spending by departments)!  If Obama had tried to balance the federal budget upon coming into office, he would have had to cut about 500 billion.  This would have been a cut of 20% on average for each of the departments. Obama didn't cut, he increased - typical liberal policies!  Obama has mishandled the federal budget and these are his policies that caused us to be in the situation we are in.

We need a President and First Lady that will lead by cutting spending.  Playing golf and taking vacations that cost the American people money isn't what we need right now.   Trips to other countries at this point veiled in relations improvement are insulting and economically expensive to us (i.e. Michelle's currently in Africa to "build relations").  Okay, I didn't have a problem with some at the beginning of this presidency but now they have gotten out of control.  Who will stand up and point this out that their travels have cost millions if not billions in a time we need to reduce federal spending.

Who will stand up for us, our children, grandchildren and future generations and get rid of this debt and deficit?  Who will take this country back and yes, I said back - Obama said we're not going back, we're going forward.  Yes, we need to move forward but in a totally different direction than Obama is taking us (but actually going back to the 4-6% unemployment under Bush and $2.50 gas sounds good about right now).

Speaking of gas, Obama puts a moratorium on drilling for oil, took an expensive trip with a huge entourage to Brazil to try to get them to drill for oil while we are sitting on enough oil for decades and now releases the national strategic oil reserve due to "a shortage of oil."  Nothing Obama does makes any sense.

Donald Duck should win against Obama.  But someone has to have the guts to take it to him and the national media and stop accepting their premises.  Put Obama and the media on the offensive like Donald Trump did on a simple issue such as his birth certificate.

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