Monday, September 12, 2011


Republicans listening to Obama unveiling his new job plan September 8, 2011.
Obama's latest job scheme which should be named Stimulous 2, but which they cleverly named "American Jobs Act" was finally delivered to the American people in a deceptive politically-charged speech 5 days ago (September 8, 2011). Although he says he has had this plan since July and announced he would unveil his plan in a speech after his August vacation and the Labor Day holiday, today, September 12 he says he will finally deliver "a bill" to Congress tonight.

Today in another politically-charged speech in the White House Rose Garden mid-morning (while most of us are working) he said 'it must be passed immediately.'  He said in today's speech he heard a Republican say 'I don't know why we would want to cooperate with Obama now it's not very good for our politics'."  Does anyone believe that he heard that?  First of all, he said that he didn't hear all the offensive things Reverend Wright said in his church.  He said he didn't hear all the offensive things the Teamsters President James Hoffa said before announcing him at a rally of union members this past Labor Day. Secondly, it is just not the way people talk.

Who doesn't want to help create jobs in the country except him with his policies.  He is incapable of doing things to make the economy work simply because of his ideology. Stimulous 1 which passed without a single Republican vote was a complete failure which he admits, but his pundits and administration appointees keep saying it was a success.  How stupid do these people think we are?  He has spent money on "cash for clunkers" which brought automotive sales to complete halt after the program ended and a shortage in used cars that has driven up the prices of buying a used car for the middle class.  He gave tax credits to people for buying new energy efficient appliances and the market for those items collapsed also after the end of the program  (I didn't get one - didn't have the money for the appliance which we need).  He and his democrats passed ObamaCare without a single Republican vote - now all our insurance premiums have risen...we could go on and on about this one but anyone who reads my posts knows how I feel about ObamaCare from earlier posts.  All of this at the expense of us hard working tax payers.  He and his democrat-controlled congress passed Dodd-Frank financial reform which was a smoke screen to make it look like they were doing something about the mortgage crisis, which has caused banks to shed 60,000 jobs so far this year.  It did nothing to address the root cause of the mortgage crisis - government mandating banks to make sub-prime loans to people that couldn't afford it (another democrat mandate).  He put a moratorium on oil drilling and imposed new regulations which sent those jobs overseas; gave Brazil 2 billion to drill sending those jobs overseas; promoted the collapse of middle-east oil producing country dictators including involving us in a third war in Lybia.  Now we have gasoline up over 100% since he took office - it was approximately $1.70 when he took office. Business is scared to hire and spend money.

He added today, in his Rose Garden speech, that "this is not the time for politics"; "these are not games we're playing...the American people need jobs". Yes we do Mr. President, but you seem to be the one playing games and the politics of optics like you are doing something with a another stimulous rename policy.  Your pundits were out there today saying "Republicans ran on a platform to create jobs."  No, they ran on a platform to stop this insane spending and stop Obama policies which are killing jobs.  They have watched what your hope and change has done to this country and they know jobs can't really be created until you are out of office when your policies can be overturned.  See you on the campaign trail again tomorrow trashing Republicans for not passing "your plan" when they won't even get it until "tonight."  You already started this morning saying "almost all independent economists agree that this plan will create....blah, blah, blah"  There is no bill yet!  How stupid do you think we are?  So proceed with your blame game before you give the Republican Congress a bill you can blame on them for not passing.  We figured you out now.  This IS NOT THE TIME FOR POLITICS;  it's the time for adult leadership to really solve this problem.  Reagan (once a democrat) had to clean up after Carter's 1-term experiment/disaster for our country.  Perhaps our only hope for change now is that you will be voted out next November and this experiment will come to an end.

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