Thursday, October 21, 2010


As you probably know, National Public Radio Analyst and Fox News Contributor, Juan Williams has been fired from National Public Radio for comments he made on the O’Reilly Factor Monday night.  As you may have heard, Bill O’Reilly was a guest on The View and he stated that we were attacked on 9/11 by Muslims.  This started a yelling match between him and two of the liberal hosts - Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg (both hosts ended up walking off the set).  Barbara Walters, also on the set, scolded the co-hosts for walking off stage: “You have just witnessed what should not happen”...she continued saying O’Reilly did not distinguish between extremists and regular Muslims.   In a discussion on O’Reilly’s show Monday evening, O’Reilly and liberal Juan Williams were discussing the events that transpired earlier on The View and the dilemma we face in fighting the Jihadists and fears about average Muslims.

Williams traveled off the liberal reservation of political correctness and has been thrown off the bus by the tax-payer funded NPR.  I’m sure he has been a thorn in their side for years for his affiliation with Fox News.  Remember the Obama administration continues to push the position that Fox News should not be treated as a legitimate news organization (#1 in ratings of 24/7 cable news) and the administration recently praised the "opinion shows" of  MSNBC as important (last place in ratings of 24/7 cable news).  Perhaps there is link here between Juan being fired and this position by the administration?  What happened to the first ammendment here (he was expressing his feeling when he gets onto a plane) ?  I won’t hold my breath waiting for the AFLCIO, Al Sharpton, or other liberal organizations to come to Williams’ defense.

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