Sunday, October 24, 2010


Whether or not the the Democrats loose the House and Senate this November 2nd - they have much more on their agenda before the new Congress and Senate takes over in January.  House Bill 4646 (HR 4646) Debt Free America Act was introduced February 23, 2010 by Pennsylvania Democratic Representative Chaka Fattah and has been referred to committee.  More taxes... more taxes to pay for this mess.  NO!!!! - CUT PROGRAMS AND WASTE!

This bill proposes a 1% transaction tax on all financial banking transactions - whether paid by cash, deposit, credit card, ATM, or transfers - the only exclusion is the sale or purchase of stocks. says nobody is taking it seriously and also says that she is referring to another bill when addressing the question in the above video - perhaps there is another bill in hiding - but the question from the reporter is directly about the "transaction tax".  Who would have ever thought they would have taken the stimulous bill seriously (Obama now admitting there were no shovel ready projects)?  Who would have thought they would have taken the Obamacare bill seriously (we already pay for everyones health care that can't afford it - now we have to pay for their insurance too)!  They already took over my son's college loans - now he has to pay the government instead of the private financial instituitions from which he borrowed the money.

Congress actually passed the "Cap and Trade Bill" in the darkness of night - but it was stopped in the Senate.  This bill would have increased an average homeowner's energy bills by $2,400.00 a year - during a time when they state this is the "worst recession in history".  Heads Up - they are still trying to re-name and repackage "Cap and Trade" and shove it through - I wouldn't be surprised if this is on the table after the election also.  They are talking about another stimulous for infastructure repairs and the mother of all bailouts - 215 billion this time for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  We have got to stop this agenda - and we only have one chance - 8 days from now.  Please vote to stop this - you have this one chance to send a message to Washington or they will continue these policies that are destructive to America, our jobs, and your pocketbook.


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