Monday, October 4, 2010


Don’t forget what the Democrats did to this country earlier this year.  Put them in their place – they work for us – not the other way around as they ignored us as we told them we did not want that Health Care Bill.

Now, current insurance premiums will rise, employers and all Americans will have to pay for Health Insurance for both themselves and those that cannot afford it, unless we can vote these Democrats out and show them that we meant it when we said we didn’t want that bill.  They ignored us – they are suppose to be representing us -
From the constituents pleading with their representatives at town hall meetings to the back room deals – exempting a state from a portion of the bill, paying off other states for their vote in favor, and promising 11 Democrats that the bill would not cover abortions -  the process was ugly.  The white house asked for people to forward emails that disagreed with their health plan.  They told us “for all the calls we are getting against the bill, there are just as many people that aren’t calling that are for it.” We were told by Obama that the US would go bankrupt if the bill wasn't passed. We were told by the Democratic Leader of the Congress, “We have to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it.”  We had to watch this same leader parade herself into the capitol building to take the vote on the bill with a large over-sized gavel and sneering guarded protection as she arrogantly walked past the American people opposing the bill.

We have a republic – the forefathers warned that we may not be able to keep it.  The Obama Health Care Bill showed the true ugliness of our representatives voting against the will of the American people.

When Obama signed the bill, he proudly stated, “This is what change looks like.”  That ugliness is his change?  My Democrat friends, socialists have hijacked your party.

In 4 weeks we have the opportunity to show Washington, what change looks like.  The following report from   lists the senators who are up for re-election this year and what the election looks like today.  Of course, congressmen from all states are up for re-election – please do not vote for anyone with a “D” behind their name - (means Democrat).   If you can’t vote against this type of governing, then please stay home and let the rest of us send a message to Washington.  Please pass this on and help remind your friends and family that our country needs us in 4 weeks to stop this takeover of our republic.

I for one don’t vote in every mid-term election.  But this time is different and most important - especially for our younger Americans that voted for him and now wonder why.  Let us send a clear and resounding message to Washington.

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